On March 30, 2016, the multimedia itinerary at the heart of the Museum of the Historical Archives was inaugurated. The itinerary, which is a project by Stefano Gargiulo – Kaos Produzioni, traverses the first floor of the Archives. The patrimony of stories that the ancient volumes and the polizze (orders of payment) conserve are translated into emotions, stories, voices and images that suggest the vastness and the beauty of this very special patrimony. Visitors learn interesting details about Caravaggio’s masterpieces in Naples, the plague of 1656, the intuitions and torments of the Prince of Sansevero, as well as the innumerable stories of Neapolitans and foreigners. The multimedia exhibit envelops the visitors and accompanies them through the corridors lined with the historical documents of the Archives which continue to work their magic, accompanied by projected images and sounds.