ilCartastorie takes the Historical Archives of the Banco di Napoli online with Google Arts & Culture

Since October 30, 2018 more than 100 documents and the multimedia tour of the Historical Archives of the Banco di Napoli can be admired online by people all over the world on Google Arts & Culture, thanks to a collaboration between Google and ilCartastorie museum. Using Street View and Cardboard tours, they can admire the enormous ledgers of the Archives, see the paper kebabs known as filze, and walk through the aisles of the museum among the many other treasures of the museum in just a few clicks at the following address

The announcement was made during the presentation of the initiative Grow with Google Napoli, on October 29, 2018. This project was made up of free seminars, held to publicize digital competencies at an interactive exhibition called Napoli Città d’Arte, at a temporary venue in the Palazzo della Borsa, where visitors could admire the works of ilCartastorie from October 30 to November, from 9:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m.

Thanks to the Street View technology, visitors could see ilCartastorie | Historical Archives Museum of the Banco di Napoli by selecting from among the most interesting items.

A “trolley” from Street View took 360° pictures of some galleries: this high-tech trolley is genrall used for indoor images that were developed in 2009 to give users the virtual experience of walking through a museum. The images in this case were united to allow visitors to move through the rooms of the museum naturally, from the Kaleidos multimedia exhibition (by Stefano Gargiulo Kaos Produzioni) and the Angolo Cuomo.

Some of the most important works in the online exhibition are:

The filza –>

The large Ledger –>

A payment to Giuseppe Verdi–>

The director of ilCartastorie, Sergio Riolo, said that “the Google Arts & Culture platform is an ideal way to see the patrimony of the Historical Archives of the Banco di Napoli. If our Ledgers contain the memory of past centuries, Google contains the resources for contemporary knowledge. With this launch, two extraordinary vehicle sfor knowledge have been joined together.”

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